The CIC Consulting Group is a group of independent private companies providing consulting services. This group of companies was founded at the end of 1985 and started commercial operation in January 1986. Initially, the group’s main activities were focussed on credit information services and general economic studies. Since 1988, CIC has grown into the biggest credit information and company investigation agency in Indonesia with a vast network, covering ASEAN countries, the Far East, West Europe, the United States and Australia.

CIC continue to grow and establish new division and subsidiaries within its organization. At present, CIC’s major subsidiaries in consulting business are as follows :

CIC will continue to expand into new area of business research and invite more foreign institution as partners. The dramatic expansion of CIC was made possible by a dedicated staff with a long experience in the fields of credit information services and company investigation, industrial research and other economic research activities.


Produk dan Layanan

CIC is a full research agency, doing Industrial research, Marketing or Causal Research (experimental design), credit information and company investigation, Multiclient and Singleclient studies as well as publishing business reports. We serve our client in every step of research process; starting from defining the problem, research objective, planning and execution, data processing and analysis, conclusion and recomendation.

Market & Industrial Research:

· Industrial Market Research and Feasibility Studies

· Multiclient Studies

· Engineering Studies

· Business Periodicals

Market & Feasibility Studies:

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food and Beverage

· Medical Supplies

· Medical Health Equipment

· Hospital Management

Company Investigation:

· Credit Information Services and Company Investigation

· Personal Investigation

· Business Investigations

· Partner Seeking and Project Reports

· Business & Company Profiling

· Business Directory

Research By Request:

· Custom Research

Quantitative Research:

· Personal/face to face interview

· Telephone interview

· Mail interview

· Internet interview

Qualitative Research:

· Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

· In-depth interview


Kontak Perusahaan

The Capricorn Indonesia Consult Inc.
Jl. Salemba Tengah No.66A, Jakarta Pusat
Telepon: 021-3101081
Fax.: 021-3101505